• Estabilished 1948
  • Staff 35
  • Annual turnover 1,7 M€ (2021)
  • Annual capacity
    60 000 h
  • Annual output 20 tools, 500 spare parts
  • Machining upto 1600mm
  • Quality ISO 9001 since 1998, ISO 14001 since 2016

Our Company

The keys of our company's success in serving its customers with tools and parts since 1938 are accuracy, efficiency and being aware of the customer demands.

In order to maintain our competitiveness and to be able to meet the increasing complexity of the customer demands, we extended our machine park with more up-to-date, more precise, and faster equipment, so our lead-times became shorter while the processing accuracy increased. Beside our more than 60 years production experience, high quality is also guaranteed by the accuracy and inventiveness of our colleagues.

We absolutely adjust ourselves to our customers' requests. Our services include the design and production of plastic injection moulding tools, cutting, punching, bending, stamping and die-casting tools as well as the production of parts by the self made tools and the manufacturing of sub-assemblies, measurement equipment and control units.